⚠Safety Instructions

This product uses ultrasonic time-of-flight (ToF) in the forward and reverse directions to measure the flow on the outside of the pipe, so it is necessary to avoid bubbles, solid foreign matter, crystallization and sediments in the fluid. At the same time, try to avoid strong electromagnetic field interference near the device.

The sensing system works on the principle of magnetic sensing, please avoid the interference of strong magnetic fields and ferromagnetic materials.

Please cover the unused wires with insulating materials to avoid leakage, short circuit and damage of the device and be careful of electric shock.

If the device is opened, please make sure that there is no foreign matter above the seal of the lower cover, and then lock all the screws evenly. Uneven force can cause damage to the mechanism. Unlocked or foreign objects on top of the seal will cause the waterproof and dustproof failure.

Before wiring the motor and turning on the device, please confirm that the power is off. To avoid damage to electronic parts and electric shock leakage.

Pressing the button for too long will cause the button to be damaged, please avoid it.

After the warranty period, the electronic components of the product will be aged due to time and operating environment. After long-term use, please replace the new product according to the condition of the product.

Do not operate the product for a long time with the LCD backlight showing orange and red lights to avoid product damage and related losses.

Do not place the screen in direct sunlight or other UV light sources.

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