⚠Safety instructions

The measurement method of LORRIC’s paddle wheel flowmeter is magnetism and the paddle’s rotation. Bubble, solid foreign matters, magnetic substance should be avoided. Meanwhile, there should not be any interference by strong magnetic field around the flowmeter.

The unused wires should be covered or protected to avoid electric leakage, short circuit, damage, and electric shock to humans.

If disassembling the device, please make sure there is no any foreign object on sealing of lower housing, then evenly tighten 4 screws on upper housing. If screws are not evenly tightened, it may cause damage to the housing. If not completely locked, the device may not be water and dust proof.

To avoid damaging electronic parts, please make sure the device is powered off.

The flow volume measurement of LORRIC’s paddle wheel flowmeter is based on the rotating mechanism of the paddle wheel. Paddle or shaft could be lost under long-term abrasion or impact by external forces. Users should pay careful attention to any equipment that may be damaged by missing paddle and shaft.

Pressing the button for an extended period will cause damage to the button. Please avoid excessive pressing.

After the warranty, the electronic components of the product will age due to time and operating environment. Under long-term use, please replace the new product according to the condition of the product.

Do not operate the product under an Orange or Red LCD Backlight for a long time. Product damage and related losses may occur.

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